01 July 2009

10 Lovable Blogs that Make My Day - Everyday

As an amateur blogger, I read a lot of good blogs to see what my blogs could become. Today I want to set aside the books and movies for a bit, and review my most favorite blogs. Blogs from different hosts, from different people, from different countries; blogs of people with varied interests, from poetry to photography and sushi to sentence structure! I have bookmarked and read these blogs from the day I started blogging myself. I read them partly out of interest in other people's lives and activities and partly out of sheer admiration for people who can be so disciplined and regular in doing stuff like blogging and pursuing their passions.

Here, I give you 10 of the blogs that I absolutely have to read everyday, and why I love them:

1. Scribbit - A Blog about Motherhood in Alaska
Written by Michelle Mitchell, this blog is refreshingly full of recipes, kids on vacation, home makeover, writing contests (my favorite part), and superb give-aways. Great pics and even better humor. I love this blog!

2. It's Lovely! I'll Take It!
This blog gets top marks for humor! And I have come to love 'Chair'. Check him out...! The author of the blog is Sara Lorimer.

3. Dumb Little Man-Tips for Life
A great blog that gives you remarkably insightful advice/tips on just about everything from packing for a vacation, to dumping your girlfriend. Author: Jay White.

4. Hello! My Name is Blog!
This is the blog of Scott Ginsberg, who has worn a nametag 24x7, every day of his life, ever since he graduated!! Oh, and he was also on Ripley's Believe It or Not! Enough said...!

5. I Think This World is Perfect...
First of all, it is amazing to see a father who is so involved with his home and his family that he blogs about it. Watch out Mommy blogs. The blog also features some of the most poignant and beautiful moments between two little girls and their Dad. Author: Dad.

6. PS22 Chorus
A blog about amazingly talented little kids who sing like angels. This blog has pics, videos, audios, awards...the works. I am totally a fan. Written by: Mr.B (their choir director).

7. Mashable
This blog will win a post-update marathon hands down, any day. I have them on my Google Reader and by the time I've finished reading their post (which are atleast 10 on a daily basis), they update 2 or 3 more! They carry lots of really informative information on technology of all kinds, and make it interesting even for technologically challenged people like. The blog is written by Pete Cashmore and others.

8. Send Me Your Head
This blog is simply full of portraits by the blogger. Simple, yet breathtaking. Lucky folks who get to be subjects for the portriats. Art by: Karen Schmidt

9. Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Obviously, written by Angela Booth, it has expert advice on writing, getting published and generally directs you to the way to becoming a writer.

10. Clipping Corners
This blog is about how you can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and about how Jennylin follows this religiously at home.

Honorable Mentions: other blogs that I just could not ignore

People Reading

Growing a Life

Poem of the Week

Open Mouth, Insert Fork


My Ice cream Diary

Endless Possibilities

Working Girl

When Tara Met Blog

Bottles, Barbies & Boys

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