28 October 2009

Poetry Prompts to Perk You Up! 2

Oh heck! Who am I kidding?! I am desperate to show off... So here are the rest of the poems...!

I Won’t

I will read the book that sits on my desk,

I will do the dishes promptly,

I will remember to get the groceries,

I will not forget the milk again, meanwhile.

I will smile at my child,

I will mean it.

I will not stare at the mirror,

And wonder where she went… I miss her.

I will stop picking at forgotten friends in forgotten memories,

I will forget the friends I forgot.

I will ignore the pain of those memories.

I will forget my singing voice,

I will sing to remember I can’t.

I will stop now…

I will make dinner.



Where The Lost Go…

The keys dropped onto the table

Something was wrong

It had been right that morning.

The table had been bare when she left,

Except for the half-drunk coffee,

And the ring left by a wet coffee mug.

Where are the coasters?

Why was it so quiet?

The shower is usually running at this time.

Where are the kids?

And why is the television not on?

Why is the bedroom door closed?

It seems so Final.

Where are the shoes?

Who was in the closet?

(And the baseball bat is missing).

His clothes are missing…

He left one of his socks behind,

(She saw the little white dots where,

She spent an entire Sunday afternoon,

Mending his clothes… buttons, tears, holes for toes to peek out).

The lounge was gone…

He loved it.

His cologne was missing…

His smell was gone

He was gone…


The bar round the corner was always open…

The keys on the table were picked up... again.



Air-Conditioned Offices

Outside it is 40 degrees

Sunlight glares off everything

Car windshields, reading glasses, display windows,

My nose.

Switch on the stove,

And it just got hotter.

Steam does something for your skin,

But that doesn’t help the knot in your brain.

Sweat can run down any way it wants,

But it flows into your eyes.

And salt always stings.

The shower can wash the sting away,

But the sun is more persistent.

More scalding than warm…

I could use a cool drink.

I don’t; I have a reason.

You could leave all this behind,

And step in to the office,

Where swinging doors let in the cool breeze,

Of recycled carbon dioxide.

I don’t care, it’s cool inside; freezing cold…

I’m glad I didn’t take that cool drink!



It Was My Idea

It was a bad idea,

To look her in the eye,

To pick up the hint,

To return the touch.


It was a bad idea,

To shake that hand,

To tell the secret,

To loan him the money.


It was a bad idea,

To buy those flowers,

To unlock the door,

To see what I saw.


It was a bad idea…

To introduce them.



Beware of Signs

Do not trespass here,

There is nothing to see.

Keep to the bright side of the street,

Don’t stare at the dark side.

Beware of low-hanging grief,

Hard metal can knock you out cold.

Watch out for the poison envy,

It can turn you blue… or green.

This coffee is scalding hot,

Do not spill on self.

Do not speak,

It is too revealing.

Flush after use,

No one wants to see your past.

Keep It Simple, Stupid,

I am seeing others too.



You are Back?

Out of Sight,

Out of Mind.

When you left,

I didn’t die.

Work was tough,

Pay was good.

We can live.

You should leave.

Close the door,

Don’t look back.

Note to self :

Do Not Cry.


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Dosslin said...

Wow....Wonderful Jane...Dono how I missed this blog till now....Glad I found it now....Ur poems goes so deep...It makes me realte myself to them...especially the poem titled "I won't"...I luv it...Hope U'll come up with more such wonderful poems....

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