22 July 2010

Twitter Hop Thursday!

Hey guys! I love linky parties...they are the single most effective reasons to get me to write something in this space!!! Now, that's a compliment to all the linky parties out there, but I don't think it says anything nice about my blogging skills!

Anyway, I found this Twitter-hopping linky party the other day, and am absolutely thrilled with it.

What is a Twitter Hop Thursday? Well, a bunch of bloggers host this linky party where everyone gets to enter their twitter handle/username. You get to follow many fun twitter users, and...get this...they follow you right back!!

Superb way to get more followers!!

So, Twitter Hop Thursday is hosted by Simply Stacie, The King's Court IV, Little Yaya's, and Review Retreat. All great women, with wonderful blogs (their blog layouts are awesome...I want too!), and to-die-for giveaways. Check them out! Oh, and they always follow you right back, on Twitter! how cool is that??!!!

So, head on over to Simply Stacie's blog here, and get yourself the code, this here cute button, and linky code etc. I am no good at all this code and stuff, and after several frantic bouts of copying and pasting, I have not been able to make the linky thing appear on this post....HELP!!! Somebody....!

Aaaanyway, have fun Twitter hopping, you guys!


david michel said...

people are stupid

Jane Pauline Hamilton said...

@david michel, now that you have given us your precious piece of wisdom, buzz off...*benign smile*

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