01 April 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011 - Join the Fun!

This is my linky post that is going to be my ticket to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011, only THE MOST sought after online blog party for mom-bloggers like me, and probably you! :)  The party is hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.com, a really great blog written by twin mommies (how cool is that?!) Janice and Susan. Check out this post to know more about the Ultimate Blog Party 2011, and how to enter. If you headed here from the party itself, allow me to introduce myself and my blog very briefly. I am Jane Hamilton, and I have been blogging for the past 3 years. In my blog here, "Ad Libitum", I talk about anything that interests me, including cooking, a great trip I had, a soppy romantic movie I saw, or my opinion on stuff. Nothing earth shattering, but I just like to put my two-pence out there! Also, I do what mommies love doing the most - talk about my child. My 4-yr-old girl, Debbie, is the joy of my life, and here I talk about her little skirmishes, her toys, her favorite food, and generally how she makes sure I never have to suffer from dull moments in my life. And of course, I talk about my beloved husband, the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, and the reason for my deep-seated hatred for watching any sport on TV!

I am neither a prolific writer, nor a regular one. I hold down a 9-6, and though it is no excuse for not posting often enough, my lazy self somehow lets it be. When I do write, I spill my heart out!

So, welcome to Ad Libitum, where, really, things are quite adlib. Hope you enjoy your stay.

If you are one of my readers, what are you doing reading this? You already know boring old me...HURRY and join me at the Ultimate Blog Party!! Go ahead and add your blog to the linky and meet more awesome bloggers like you! I'm going to do just that right now!


MadameDeals said...

I am now following your from the UBP 2011. I hope you will take the time to like me back. If you could also head to my site and enter to win my contest I would appreciate it ! http://madamedeals.com/blog/2011/04/01/contest-quick-link/

tawna6988 said...

I am still Blog Hopping from the Ultimate Blog Party for 2011 and hope that one of my blogs interests you too! I also do a weekend hop open Thursday 10pm-Sunday 11:59 PM EST please come link up your blog, FB and Twitter!

http://tawnasplan.com weekend hop here!

Have a great day!

Jane Hamilton said...

Hi MadameDeals and tawna6988, Hi, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting, and I'm definitely checking out your sites!

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