15 August 2010

"From Draft to Post" Series - Rant #2

This is the second installment of the "From Draft to Post" Series. Enjoy...or not...whichever is fine....

Post Title: Top 10 Sitcoms so ROFL!
"I love watching television, used to watch it a lot. I view it as an educational experience, and YES, I have learned a lot through television! Don't laugh, and Don't call me 'Loser'! I guess I took to television when I stopped having enough time to read a whole book.
So, I used to watch a lot of movies, mainly Hollywood movies. And then, I found out that I do not have time to sit through an entire movie. The obvious solution (for me, that is...) is to watch sitcoms, and TV shows! Of course, any other normal person would have just stuck to doing the chores with some music on. But not Me! :D
Anyway, now I watch shows, and I love them...only 30 minutes to an hour long. I won't have a mild seizure if I don't watch the ending (and there are MANY ways how that could happen), and I can totally stand in the kitchen and tune in and out whenever I want. You can't do that with movies, as everyone always talks so softly. In shows, at least you know you missed a joke when you hear everyone laughing!!
Aaaaanyway, my top 10 favorite shows (some are reruns of shows that people have probably forgotten, or miss)...
1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S - I love, love, love this show!!! I've watched it so many times, I can say the lines before the characters do! But I still laugh at all the jokes... Joey trying to learn French for an audition was ROFL!!

these people are just ADORABLE!!!!!

2. How I Met Your Mother - I missed the first 2 seasons, but my good friend Nameeta gave me the DVDs, and I watched all of it. I love Robin, because just like her, I don't get some of the 'American-isms' in the show!... My favorite moment, Barney getting slapped - all 3 times!

The cast...
...and how they'd look if they all dressed like Barney AALLLL THE TIME!!!

3. Everybody Loves Raymond - (apparently from here on, I had nothing to say...only show and tell henceforth!!!)

a.k.a epitome of dysfunctional family!!

4. 30 Rock

heheh! weirdness thou art 30 Rock!!

5. The King of Queens

This is the look of a man who is not amused, but is threatened into amusement!!

6. Seinfeld

No, seriously, what is the deal with these people?!?!?!

7. 2 and a Half Men

I shudder to think what would happen when ALL these men actually grow up!!

8. Boston Legal - dunno if this qualifies as a sitcom per se, but I laugh loud and long enough to make up for the studio laughter that is missing in this show....!!!!

The cast...

...and the GODS!!!
9. Carpoolers

A little meh sometime, but funny nevertheless!

10. Pushing Daisies

This is how much of show-offs these people are, actually. And I love them!!

And one for the road....

11. That 70s Show...

ASHTON KUTCHER...That is all!


Karen Xavier said...

I think FRIENDS was the defining moment in TV sitcom... we all wanted to be part of that group. There are a few more good TV shows out there like Frasier, The Wonder Years, Ally Mc Beal, The Practice, The Good Wife... try to watch them too. Nice post, sure have learnt a lot from all these crazy characters...

Jane Hamilton said...

@Karen, thanks for the list of shows. I used to watch The Wonder Years, and loved it...I only wish I could watch all these shows. As your sister will tell you, I am one of the woe-begone people of this world who are forced to watch Nagercoil's local channels, instead of good English channels on cable!!! I know, that's really shocking and pathetic. We only get StarMovies, AXN, and HBO. I do not watch the last 2...I do not have that violent streak in me. And if you watch new releases on Star Movies for the first week, well...the remainder of the month is all repeat broadcasts....*wringing hands* What am I to doooo?!?! :(

Karen Xavier said...

I usually download all these shows, hardly watch TV... will give you Wonder years, Charles in Charge and Big Bang theory when I come there. Have it on hard disk.

Jane Hamilton said...

*bowing* Karen, I pledge you my eternal allegiance...*more bowing*

Thanks a lot!!!

Looking forward to your next visit...can't wait to get my hands on those shows! :P

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