22 November 2010

Blogging Gems I Need to Share

Every day I read a lot of interesting stuff on my Google Reader, Twitter feed, and Facebook wall. I come across something that is so gripping that I decide it's not enough to share it/retweet it/or bookmark it. I have a deep desire to talk about it on my blog. Notice I said, 'deep desire'. So, I bookmark it under 'Blogpost Idea' on my Google Bookmarks, and vow to return to it at the end of the day, and share it with my faithful readers. Then I sit at my computer and start posting insightful blog posts about these useful things and then all my readers are empowered and enlightened because of my wise comments!... Or not.

Instead, once these interesting blogs, pages, or posts have been bookmarked, they rot in bookmark purgatory until one day, I decide to purge myself by putting ALL those posts into one single humongous potpourri of miscellany.

Anyway, here are links to articles/posts/blogs that caught my interest. If you like it, good! If you don't please don't do a psychoanalysis of my personality based on my reading preference!! :P

Blogging - because I need serious help there.
604 Blog Post Ideas for When You are Stuck...like right now! And also if you need to see an adorable picture of a little boy and his pet dog!
13 Types of Posts That Always Gets Lots of Comments. Geez, I could use some of that!

Social Media - for the uninitiated (if they exist at all)
For Those Facebook Left Behind - if you are one of the million people who thought they are one of 4 people who knew nothing about social media.
Generator Blog - well, it generates everything except electricity. Go and experience hours of mind-bending and fruitless yet strangely addictive Internet activity that this blog has to offer!

Good Advice - because I know you won't listen!
Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young - Yeah! Way to go! Tell it like it is!
42 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself - I've already done one of them. Guess which one! If you know me, you know this is really lame...

Making a Difference - some people really do have better things to do.
The Ugly Indian - when will we learn to clean up our own mess...literally?
My good friend's blogpost on Contemplations and Ruminations - it's a post on Sherlock Holmes (she's crazy about books!), but at the end she talks about something good that the Kanyakumari district has been doing for a while...Find out!

Creative People - bringing the Wow! because they can.
3D Projections on Buildings - this is awesome!
Flash Mob at the Ohio Union 5/3/2010 - because I love to see people suddenly break out in dance and song!!

Food - because, with me, it all comes down to food!

14 Useful Tools for Your Kitchen - you know, when you can't use the pan for frying bacon, like normal people, and you need to use the microwave...or something like that!
Carl Kleiner - or when you're so NOT like me, and can resist yummy food long enough to go photographing them and making lovely ethereal pictures!
KFC Double Down Sandwich: Why Use a Bun When You Have Fried Chicken? - for when you really want a massive heart attack! No, really. This is atrocious...why don't you just pile it on, one day at a time, with chocolate? At least, it's more fun! But then, that's just me...


Karen Xavier said...

The first link is nice, blog posts idea... sometimes its just blankness, can't seem to write anything, maybe I'll get inspiration there. And there is some seriously good stuff on Useful tools for your kitchen, loved it! Oh, and I loved the flash mob dance at some college at Ohio, would be really cool to be part of something like that. And you mentioned my blog, that's awesome!!!

Jane Hamilton said...

Hey Karen! I was actually planning to write about the 'Ban Plastics' movement in KK district, for a long time. And as you know, I procrastinated so much that I forgot! Then when you wrote about it, I thought why not just mention your post on my blog! hhehe! That's my acute laziness talking :P

And, that flash mob dance....don't you just love it!!!

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