09 June 2009

In Honor of Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton is one of the world’s best novelists, thinkers, and filmmakers in the world. A doctor by profession, he is one of those rare human beings who transcend race, countries, social strata, educational and professional disciplines, media, genres, and languages to touch the lives of people whom they will never meet. No college professor or scholar can explain the complicated scientific theories of DNA reconstruction, time travel, Quantum physics, and air travel to the common man better than this writer can. And what an ingenious way to impart scientific knowledge to the masses, through the simple method of story-telling that has been the most effective way to get any message across to people, from the very beginning of humanity.

I admire this man as much for his personality as for his works that will always stand tall as beacons that other science fiction writers should follow. The world suffers a great loss on his death. Crichton passed on on November 4, 2008. He will be missed.

In honor of his work, I will be reviewing some of his books and comparing them with their movie versions, the next few days.

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