09 June 2010

Disney Magic - Love is In the Air

So, I came across this fantastic story about this married couple whose paths crossed in DisneyLand, and they didn't even know it. The story goes like this:

Alex and Donna Voutsinas are about to get married and they are looking through old photo albums. Donna shows Alex a picture taken in DisneyLand, with she and her brother and some Disney character. Imagine his surprise when he spots his own father pushing him in a stroller in the background of that picture!! Cool, right?!?! Stuff that fairytales are made of...but then again, Art imitates Life.

[caption id="attachment_355" align="aligncenter" width="392" caption="Guy in the black shirt is Alex's dad!"][/caption]
image: WXII12.com

Don't believe me? Watch this video

So there you have it - my pick-me-up-'romance-still-exists' story of the day!! You like? Vote here please?

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