10 June 2010

GrooveShark - Killer Music!

I love me some real good music through out the day... There are around a gazillion music CDs lining the shelves of our humble abode, and not one of them belongs to me!! You can see who's the minority here! So, we got HillSong - the whole series they EVER released. Then we've got some Tamil Spiritual Lyrics, some weird classical western music CDs that I can never enjoy, no matter how hard I try...(on such days I'm sure my husband is asking himself, "Ok, someone remind me again, why did I marry her?" But really, I just cannot feel anything when I hear a million violins scratching it out, cymbals clashing, and drums acting like they are the voice of God!!! Nope. It does nothing for me.

Anyway, what I like is The Corrs, Enrique Iglesias, ABBA, BoyZone (even tho' they are so 'yesterday'...), BackStreetBoys (don't laugh, I love their music), and nice melodies like that. No hard rock (GOD, NO!) and no heavy metal (Over my dead body...no, not even then!).But hey, I love country music! Of course, nothing beats A.R. Rahman's music (a little patriotism, and lots of love for his talent, I guess!).

So, downloading these songs from YouTube is a pain..blame it on slow Internet connections. And here I am, one day, craving music, with YouTube downloading a song for so long that I grew an entirely new gray hair! So, I go on an Google for websites for music, easy to download and all that.

AAANNNNNddddd....(drum roll, please)....I discover...Grooveshark.com

Now, I love, love, love this website. Why? Firstly, it has all the music you can ever want to listen...although it is only western music...but hey! at least that is easily available, right? Second, the songs download so quickly!!! I cannot believe how efficient the download is! Thirdly, it has a lot of other cool features...now, I really haven't checked out this website completely, but added features are your thing, you should certainly go check it out.

And so, days go by, and I'm like really enjoying my music at home..I play my favorite play list, set the speakers on full blast, and listen to music while I work...and I am in pure music heaven.

And then, I feel, "Okay, maybe I can share this information with my husband..I mean, after all, I am married to him, to love and to hold, and share cool stuff that we find on the internet! So, I tell him one day, "You know what? There's this really cool music website which plays all kinds of music, and downloads really quickly...I mean this is better than YouTube!" And he's all like "Uhuh! Whatever..."

Next day he casually asks me, "Jane, what is that website you were talking about?" and I tell him.

Next minute, my blood curdles...because what do I hear???


WHAAA.... are you KIDDING ME?!!!

Note: Okay, this is from YouTube because Grooveshark is occupied by my husband!

...Till death do us part, I guess...sigh!

But, I still love Grooveshark, mind you, and that's why I entered this post in "Things I love Thursday" over at DiaperDiaries.


Ameena said...

Thank you for sharing Grooveshark with me because I had no idea it existed!

I remember The Corrs and Boyzone...haven't heard them in ages! But I used to like them. :)

Jane Pauline Hamilton said...

Glad I helped you find Grooveshark! I love the Corrs, and I'm just happy right now that someone shares my enthusiasm for them!! :)

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